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35-45m Span

35-45 Meters Span Industrial Steel Structures

Our CFS-S4 series, which is the superior design of Cold-formed; With a free span of up to 45 meters, we enable 60-meter free spans to be passed thanks to high-strength special steels and high-strength bolted connection plates, which include advanced engineering calculations in its design. Our CFS-S4 series is designed and produced to meet expectations, even under all harsh conditions. Usage areas; Structures where free wide opening is required such as Aircraft/Helicopter hangars, Defense industry structures, Congress centers, Sports facilities, Fair/Exhibition areas, Warehouses/Warehouses, Entertainment centers and production factories for needs. As in all our series, the CFS-S4 has a high structure. security, simplicity, dynamism, easy to install, disassembled and reassembled with zero loss when desired.

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