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As Cold Formed, we are with you in every detail of the project. With our expert team, we carefully examine and design your projects and consult with you until the establishment stage.

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Commercial Project

We have designed our industrial building series that we developed with our Cold Formed Steel solutions to be able to build all your social facilities, showrooms, shopping malls, school or education buildings, hospital buildings, commercial buildings, factories, multi-storey car parks, warehouses, farms.

Pre-Construction Planning

As Safestruc, we attach importance to the pre-construction planning stages. We make detailed pre-construction planning together with our expert team in one-on-one dialogues with our customers and present them to our customers.

You can contact us for our detailed project process.

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Personal Projects

After our customers share their dream project with our expert team, we develop projects in the desired square meters with the desired openings in continuous dialogue.

Construction Site Management

We carry out professional construction site management with our expert staff for your designed and completed project.

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We stand by our customers from the beginning to the end of the project and inform our customers about our every step in site management.

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Infrastructure Construction

Considering the geographical features of the area where the project will be built, we carry out the project-specific foundation works with the static loads of the newly built structure.

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We solve infrastructure related problems for you.

Civil Engineering

The steel structure of the new project and the static loads and requirements required by all the materials to be used are designed by our expert civil engineers.

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